Donate Car Seats

We accept car seats that can be reused. Each donated seat is checked using a process designed by a Certified Car Seat technician to ensure its safety prior to redistribution. Donated seats MUST meet the following requirements:

In addition, whenever possible, please visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission at to quickly review whether your seat has been recalled. You may be surprised. Many issues can be addressed by ordering a part (usually free of charge from the manufacturer). This individual effort on your part allows us to move items through safely and quickly.

Why the restrictions? Car seats are made of mostly plastic, which decomposes over time due to fluctuations in car temperatures, use and rough handling. As it breaks down, the integrity of the seat is compromised. In some cases, it can actually do more harm than not being in a safety seat at all.

At present we are unable to recycle unusable car seats – we are currently working to establish a new partnership and will update once this option is available.