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Now Hiring

Now Hiring!

Director of Public Affairs
The Director of Public Affairs is responsible for leading WestSide Baby’s strategic priority to advocate for structural policy change, leading WestSide Baby’s marketing and communications platforms to raise awareness of our brand and diaper need, and managing our data collection and evaluation work to adapt services and communicate impact. This position exists to connect governmental advocacy, strategic communications, social impact, and community relations in service of WestSide Baby’s mission, vision, and values. Starting salary is $70,000-$75,000 annualized, depending on experience. Read the full job description.

Now Recruiting:

Board members & Board committee members

Are you dedicated to improving the lives of children and families in your community and do you want to bring your lived experience, community connections, skills, and expertise to a nonprofit working toward social change? We encourage you to apply for a Board of Directors position, to start in January 2022! Board service is a fantastic way to learn about the operations & impact of nonprofits while contributing your skills and experience.

As part of the WestSide Baby Board, you will fulfill a unique governance role for the organization. Our Board: ensures our work centers the needs and perspectives of the communities we serve, ensures our financial resources are stewarded in support of addressing unmet basic needs both immediately and systemically, and serves as ambassadors to advance our vision of ending children’s basic needs gaps. 

In order to fulfill this role, we are specifically seeking applicants with professional expertise in financial management, strategic planning, social work/social services, advocacy for social/racial/economic justice, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. As an organization seeking to address a community need, we highly value the lived experience, perspective, and wisdom of the communities we serve as a crucial part of our Board governance.

We serve all of western King County, up to Shoreline, all of Seattle, and South King County, and seek Board members from these geographic communities.

Join the WestSide Baby Board of Directors or a Board Committee and help ensure children have their basic needs met.


The WestSide Baby Staff is an incredible team working together with our community to ensure all children in our community are safe, warm, and dry.

Anna Ryckman WestSide Baby Headshot

Anna Ryckman
Community Engagement Coordinator

Arigin Sakda

Director of Administration

Becky Schroeder WestSide Baby Headshot

Becky Schroeder
Director of Programs

Carina Schubert WestSide Baby Headshot

Carina Schubert
Director of Development

Deb Rhinehart WestSide Baby Headshot

Deborah Rhinehart
Development Data Specialist

Elizabeth Almejo WestSide Baby Headshot

Elizabeth Almejo
Office Administrator

Erica Plowden WestSide Baby Head shot

Erica Plowden
Communications Specialist

Jayanthi Ragubathi WestSide Baby Head Shot

Jayanthi Ragubathi
Development Project Specialist

Jonette Butler

Supply Chain Coordinator

Mari Litzenberger Head Shot

Mari Litzenberger
Volunteer Lead

Michelle Ellis-Bevil

Peggy Flynn Head Shot

Peggy Flynn
Distribution Lead

Quinnton Turner Head shot

Quinnton Turner
Supply Chain Lead

Sarah Cody Roth Head shot

Sarah Cody Roth
Executive Director

Coming Soon

Sophia Watson Head Shot

Sophia Watson
Program Operations Coordinator

Soledad Strubhar
Provider Engagement Manager

Tiffany Mathisen Head Shot

Tiffany Mathisen
IT/Business Systems Manager

Toni Sarge WestSide Baby Head Shot

Toni Sarge
Director of Public Affairs

Victoria Machar WestSide Baby Head Shot

Victoria Machar
Volunteer Program & Relations Manager

Will Owen
Donations & Logistics Manager

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is a dedicated group of leaders who volunteer their time to ensure all children in our community are safe, warm and dry.

Nishat Akhter WestSide Baby Head Shot

Nishat Akhter
Board Secretary

Data Management Manager
at Amazon Web Services

A data geek at heart, Nishat currently manages an Enterprise Data Management team with a special focus on data quality. Additionally, she runs various initiatives to promote diversity, equity and inclusion within, and outside of her work-space. She has been working with WestSide Baby since 2018 and loves to be part of a mission helping children.

Nishat lives in Bothell with her spouse and two kids and her favorite book as a child was ” A Tale of Two Cities.”

Janet Ali WestSide Baby Head Shot

Janet Ali

Human Resources Supervisor
at Nucor Steel Seattle, Inc.

After an early career in hospitality management, Janet discovered her passion for identifying talent and building teams that are greater than the sum of their constituents. After being on the WestSide Baby Board for a year now, Janet most appreciates the enthusiasm of the community.

She lives in West Seattle with her husband, daughter and two dogs. As a child, Janet’s favorite book was the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Crystal Amobi


Crystal started her career as a process engineer, scaling up recipes for Starbucks soluble coffees, followed by product development. She now is on the Product Insights team, co-chair of the Asian ERG, and is passionate about inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility.

Crystal has been involved with WestSide Baby since 2020. Her favorite part of her involvement is doing critical work while asking hard questions. The volunteers and staff inspire her to give back and contribute in a more impactful way

Crystal, her husband, and their two sons live in West Seattle. Her favorite book as a child was American Girl- Samantha’s Story.

Rhea Bhere WestSide Baby Head Shot

Rhea Bhere

Independent Consultant

Rhea is an agile product management expert who helps organizations deliver valuable products in a complex, unpredictable world. After being involved with WestSide Baby since 2018, she most appreciates how, as a community, we can help children and families in need within our community access the necessities they need to thrive.

She was born and raised in Mumbai, India and has lived in Seattle since 2010. Her favorite book as a child was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Erin Hulme WestSide Baby Head Shot

Erin Hulme
Vice Chair

Program Officer for Philanthropic Partnerships for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Erin works with philanthropists to learn, co-fund and collaborate with the Gates Foundation on Global Health and Development opportunities. Prior to joining the Gates Foundation, Erin was head of corporate relations at Pacific Northwest Ballet. She enjoys being part of a larger system of WestSide Baby neighbors and friends who connect each other to critical children’s items.

Her and her husband Tristan love to dance and travel with their daughter, Maya. As a child, Erin loved to read and learn about whales!

Nick Peyton WestSide Baby Head Shot

Nick Peyton
Board Chair

Director of Development
at Epiphany School

Nick has been involved with WestSide Baby since 2018 and his favorite part of this Board is meeting passionate people who want to better the children and families of our community. He believes that only together can we make the change we want to see in the world.

Nick and his wife Alex live in Columbia City with their asthmatic cat named Miles.

His favorite toy growing up (and favorite toy today) are Legos!

Jodi Ryznar WestSide Baby Head Shot

Jodi Ryznar

Human Resources Manager
at King County Public Health

Jodi has been working in non-profit and public sector Human Resources for over 15 years. She has been involved with WestSide Baby for over 7 years and loves all the hearts of gold who work hard at WestSide Baby from the Board to staff to volunteers to provider partners. She loves volunteering with her son who just turned 8 and is now old enough to volunteer at WestSide Baby!

As a child, you could find her remodeling and redecorating her favorite dollhouse.

Josh Sutton WestSide Baby Headshot

Josh Sutton

Board Treasurer

Facilities Executive at the YMCA Greater Seattle

After Josh attended a YMCA summer camp as a kid, he never looked back! He has been involved with WestSide Baby as a supporter for 1-+ years and has been on the board since 2015. He is passionate about supporting WestSide Baby’s mission with his wife and teenage son.

As a kid, Josh loved reading superhero comic books.

Lauren Tomala WestSide Baby Headshot

Lauren Tomala

Program Manager at
Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI)

In Lauren’s current role at REI, she works closely with merchants to progress their strategic initiatives and has spent the majority of her career working between the creative and business ends of companies. She has been involved with WestSide Baby for over 4 years. When asked what her favorite thing about being a WestSide Baby Board member is, she says “there are too many to choose from! But, if I have to pick, I love the community connection WestSide Baby has.”

As a child, she was obsessed with the Nancy Drew book series.

Jessica Trouillaud

Community Volunteer

Jessica is currently pursuing a new career in education as a secondary ELA teacher and has an eight-year background in start-ups in senior leadership roles. Jessica has been involved with WestSide Baby since January of 2021 and loves the sense of community and the proven power in our ability to supply children and families with essential items. She enjoys having a “front-row seat” to the hard work and dedication. 

Jessica lives in West Seattle with her husband and their daughter. Her favorite book as a child was Ella Enchanted. 

Carly Young

Executive Director at Why Not You Foundation

To contact any of our Board members, or to learn more about joining the Board please reach out to WestSide Baby’s Executive Director, Sarah Cody Roth.