Our Model

What We Do

WestSide Baby meets the basic needs of children to promote safety, security & healthy development. We provide essential items to keep children safe, warm and dry by collecting and distributing diapers, clothing, and equipment throughout Western King County. WestSide Baby’s model is unique. We receive donations from the community, check and sort those donations, and distribute them directly to 100+ partner agencies, who are experts in their families, and the children they serve. These professionals get the items the children need, and WestSide Baby can focus on collecting the basic essentials.

In 2022, when families throughout our community faced unprecedented need, we distributed 2.6 million diapers to thousands of families throughout King County compared to 1.5 million diapers in 2019.

Our Mission

WestSide Baby, in partnership with our community, provides essential items to local children in need by collecting and distributing diapers, clothing, and equipment.

Our Vision

WestSide Baby envisions a day when each child is equipped with the basic items they need to grow into healthy, happy, and resilient members of our community.

Our Commitment to Equity

In service of our mission and vision, we recognize there are structural inequities that cause the basic needs gap to disproportionately affect communities of color. WestSide Baby operates with the fundamental belief that every child deserves to have their basic needs met and that unmet basic needs are one important contributing factor to the disparities in health and well-being for children and families of color. When children’s basic needs are met, family resilience is strengthened and our communities are healthier and happier.

Our Values


We believe every person, every child, deserves to have their basic human rights honored.


We believe in learning from each other and our full community, proactively seeking feedback, and adapting to serve our mission to the fullest.


We believe in striving to balance a sense of urgency with the capacity and sustainability of our resources (human, financial, basic children’s items).

Land Acknowledgement

We are on Duwamish Land.

WestSide Baby’s staff lives, works, and gathers on the unceded, traditional land of the Duwamish Tribe, past and present. In service of our vision and mission, we acknowledge that Indigenous families in our community face disproportionate access to basic essentials for their children andwe work toward ending disproportionate need.

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“I was a stressed-out, freaked-out new mom. Even though I didn’t have to worry about having enough money to diaper my babies, I knew our community could not stand by while new moms with low incomes, with no healthcare or in unstable housing could not diaper their babies. WestSide Baby had to be born.”

Donna Pierce, WestSide Baby Founder, 2001

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Since opening in 2001, thanks to our community, we have distributed over $20 million in clothing, diapers, safety equipment, and other items to nearly 279,000 children.