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Provider Partners


  • As of January 5, 2024 we are currently NOT accepting new agency partnerships. Thank you for your understanding – we’re excited to create new partnerships in the future!

Who are WestSide Baby’s “Provider Partners”?

WestSide Baby envisions a day when all children are equipped with the basic items they need to grow into healthy, happy, and resilient members of our community. In order to do that, WestSide Baby partners with more than 100 social service agencies and 400+ agency workers throughout King County to provide essential items to local children free of charge. Research supports that the agency partnership model has many positive implications for both the partner agencies and the recipients including increased communication between providers and clients, client program retention, and connection to other services—all of which ultimately contribute to lasting, positive outcomes for families.

How does it work?

Currently registered WestSide Baby provider partners request items for their clients through an online ordering system. WestSide Baby staff and volunteers fill orders for the requested basic items and hope to be able to fill them completely. Because we are a donation-based nonprofit, we are not always able to fully fill orders but do our best to ensure children have the items they need to be safe, warm, and dry. Once the requests are filled, our incredible partners pick the items up from WestSide Baby’s Hub and then take them to their clients.

Learn more about WestSide Baby’s model

Interested in Becoming a Partner Agency?

We are not currently accepting new agency applications.

New Agency Application Process

The written application collects basic information about the applying agency to determine the potential for partnership. To be considered, the agency address must be within WSB’s service area (most zip codes in western King County) and submit proof of 501©(3) or charitable organization status.

Applications are reviewed based on various criteria including:

  • Mission/vision alignment
  • Commitment to serve communities that face a disproportionate need for basic essentials.
  • Demonstrated ability to provide culturally relevant services and directly engage with, and seek feedback from communities most impacted by the program
  • Ability to collect and submit accurate recipient data, place orders online, and pick up orders directly from WestSide Baby before distributing to the recipient family.

Please fill out the application and email the completed form to our Program Engagement Manager.

It is the policy of WestSide Baby not to discriminate against applicants for our services based on race, color, citizenship, status, national origin, ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, creed, physical or mental disability, marital status, veteran status, political affiliation, or any other factor protected by law. We will not partner with agencies that do discriminate based upon any of the aforementioned factors.

Agencies that are selected to move on to the next round may be contacted to schedule a potential site visit. The site visit is an in-person opportunity for 1-3 WestSide Baby representatives to learn more about the application program and identify any potential barriers or challenges to a partnership. It is also a great way to highlight the important service that your agency provides to the community!

All applications and site visit notes will be reviewed together. It is our goal to provide the best service possible to our agency partners and approval is solely at the discretion of WestSide Baby. Agencies will be notified if they are not selected for partnership. Any agencies that remain interested in a partnership must re-apply in future application cycles to be considered. We do not hold waitlists.

Approved agencies will be contacted to schedule a WestSide Baby tour and New Agency Orientation. The New Agency Orientation will provide an overview of how to use our ordering system and it is a requirement to complete this training before ordering privileges are granted.

We look forward to working with you!

Current Partner Agencies

Is your agency already partnering with WestSide Baby?

Please review our current agency partner list. If your agency is already an approved partner, you *may* be eligible to order items for your clients.

* Depending on the size of your agency, your specific program or site may be required to have an existing relationship with us. Please select the best description of your agency at the time of registration and we will follow-up if we need further information.

Current Partner FAQs

You may be getting an error message for a few reasons. In order for us to best help you, please contact

Unfortunately, we do not allow clients to pick up their items from either WSB location. Items must be picked up by the provider on the designated pickup dates.

At this time providers are not able to transfer caseloads between accounts. If a provider takes over a new caseload from an existing provider they will need to create a new Household and Recipient in their account.

Please refer to the Ordering System once you log-in as most of the equipment WestSide Baby distributes will be labeled there. If you have further questions, please contact

To determine the status of an order, please check your account to see if the order status has changed to ‘completed’. If the order still says ‘locked’, edits to this order are unavailable as it is being processed and is not yet available for pick-up.

*Please note that the date selected for pick-ups are target dates, and while we make every effort to have orders ready, we cannot promise its completion by that date.

Orders are available for pickup during distribution hours at each White Center and South Lake Union branch. Your pickup location is listed on your provider account.

Common errors with logging in are forgotten username and/or password. Please be sure to double-check the username and password you are entering. If you are still unable to log in and need a password reset, please email the Distribution Lead at and we will reset your password on the back end. Please note, the link to reset your password expires within 24 hours of the time it is sent.

Please review our current agency partner list. If your agency is already an approved partner, you *may* be eligible to order items for your clients.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for your application to be reviewed and information verified. If your account has been denied, an explanation will be sent outlining the reason for denial.

Contact Us

The WestSide Baby Provider Engagement Team is here to help you!

Have questions not answered in our FAQ above? Please email our Provider Engagement team at