Host an Event or Drive

It is so easy to host a drive:

We collect items for children ages 0-12. You could host a drive for hygiene items, diapers, car seats, or anything that inspires you and your community to give! If you are looking to do something different or unique, consider our most needed items list and contact us with any questions or ideas!

You can do a 1-day drive at an event such as a birthday party or baby shower, or you could collect items for a couple of weeks. Figure out what will work best for you.

Let us know what you are collecting and when you will be dropping off your donations. We will be in touch after you submit the online form. Thanks for partnering with us!

Share on social media, with posters, or just word of mouth. We can help get various printed promotional materials to you if you come by either of our locations, just email us!

Get your drive materials here! Drive Materials for Give Joy are now available.

Our Warehouse
Tuesdays 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursdays 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Please email us if you are unable to drop off your donation drives during regular hours. Thank you!

Your donation drive will ensure that families will have the tangible items they need in order to create a safe and nurturing environment for their babies and children.

  • Host a dinner party and ask guests to bring diapers
  • Coordinate a clothing drive at your school or daycare
  • Create a collection area in your office and ask coworkers to bring items
  • Gather the support of your faith-based organization and gather items

Please refer to our most needed items Wish List to help determine what you might want to collect.

If you have any other ideas or if you have any questions, please email [email protected].

You can even host a drive 100% online!

The WestSide Baby Birthday Club is a group of supporters that have made a commitment to collect diaper donations for WestSide Baby in lieu of collecting gifts. We would love for you to become a member of this selfless group of individuals, and use your birthday as an opportunity to give back to children in need in our community!

  1. Form a planning committee. Bringing together a group of enthusiastic and dedicated people who share an interest in raising money for a great cause will increase the probability of a successful event.
  2. Brainstorm. Gather members of your planning committee to brainstorm ideas for your fundraiser. Give free rein to your imagination — several heads are better than one! The more people participate now, the more committed they’ll be later.
  3. Choose the “right” event. The type of event you choose should fit the size, interests, talents, goals and time availability of your planning committee.
  4. Contact WestSide Baby to request event approval.  Please email Jayanthi Ragubathi to share your event proposal & receive approval from the organization. 
  5. Identify your target audience. Consider who is most likely to attend and support the type of event you have selected.
  6. Develop a budget. Try to identify all the expenses involved with your event (invitations, postage, rental space, signage, food and catering, promotional materials, website, advertising, etc.)  Then think about possible sources of funds, and people and companies you know who may be able to donate products (food, equipment) or services (like design, printing, photography) to reduce your costs.
  7. Develop an event timeline. A timeline is important in planning a publicity strategy for your event.
  8. Schedule the event. Select a time that is appropriate and convenient for those who will be attending. Be sure to check local community calendars for conflicting events.
  9. Have Fun!  Create an environment for guests to enjoy themselves while learning about the mission of WestSide Baby.
  10. Collect all funds.
  11. Say thank you! Sending thank-you letters, notes or e-mails to everyone who participated in or supported your event shows your appreciation and reinforces their goodwill about supporting WestSide Baby.

Birthday/Anniversary Party
Do you have an upcoming birthday, anniversary, shower or another type of party? Consider making a contribution to WestSide Baby in lieu of personal gifts – and ask your friends and family to do the same. This is a great way to get the kids involved!

Cocktail Party
Throw a cocktail party in your home or at a local restaurant or bar. Many venues provide great deals for very little money. Include a raffle or auction to increase revenue.

Garage Sale
Ask friends and neighbors to clean out their basement or garage for a good cause. Organize a garage sale, and you’ll clean out your house while vulnerable babies & children in our community at the same time!

Golf Outing
Whether planning a small golf outing with friends and family or an outing for your business, think about making your swing really count and partnering with us to give back to WestSide Baby!

Independent Business Gives Back
Are you a local independent business owner, restaurant or retail owner who is looking to align with a great cause? Whether it is a percentage of proceeds for a week or simply collecting change, you can make a difference while you work.

School Fundraiser
Kids love to help!  Have fun with your students while teaching them about the meaning of philanthropy with anything from a coin drive to a read-a-thon. Be creative!  We’d love to hear about your school fundraiser ideas and stories.

Trivia Night
This is a fun way to raise funds while increasing awareness about the need for diapers & other items in our community.  Host your trivia night at a restaurant or other local establishment and invite between 10 and 50 of your friends and family.

WestSide Baby Signature Events & Campaigns

Beyond the Basics
An Evening to Benefit WestSide Baby

September 2023

We are inviting our community to gather around tables with a common goal – ensuring children have their most basic needs met! These tables can be hosted by YOU and will be filled with delicious food, refreshing beverages, and inspiring connections.

Our Community’s Largest Diaper Drive happening every summer!

June – July 2023

A newborn needs up to 14 diapers a day which can average $100/month. In fact, 23% of families in King County struggle to afford diapers and suffer from diaper need, a lack of a sufficient supply of diapers to keep a baby clean, dry and healthy. 

WestSide Baby believes all babies should have the diapers they need. You believe that all babies should have the diapers they need. The fact is, the effects of diaper need cross boundaries of income level, racial background, and neighborhood; diaper need is complex – but your actions can be simple. Stuff the Bus is Seattle’s largest diaper drive and is your opportunity to collect diapers to ensure all babies have diapers to be healthy and happy. #Diapersforallbabies

Give Joy to children this winter!

You can help WestSide Baby bring Joy to children this winter by hosting Joy
donation drives in your community this November & December.