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New Mural: “WestSide Baby’s Community”

WestSide Baby’s Community Mural

Over the weekend, our north-facing wall was given a beautiful update with a mural, titled “WestSide Baby’s Community” by artist Angelina Villalobos (@onesevennine)

We are so excited to share our new mural with you! “WestSide Baby’s Community” is the end result of many conversations for many years, but was pushed forward by our desire to communicate our organizational values of Humanity, Resilience, and Intentionality OUTSIDE our warehouse walls in response to the murder of George Floyd in late May and the continued fight for justice in our community and beyond. A team of WestSide Baby staff worked with the artist to design a mural that honored that sentiment with words such as justice, humanity, and equity.

A note from the Artist, Angelina Villalobos:

I centered a circle and honed in on shapes growing out emulating pages of an open book. From the open book, I filled it with words of justice, love, and equity, and more words brainstormed by WestSide Baby staff, including their values of Humanity, Resilience, and Intentionality. This design color and type was pulled from 1960’s styled protest posters, reminding us of the fight for civil rights and love during that time and now in 2020.

You can continue to support WestSide Baby’s distribution efforts while we respond to increased community need due to COVID-19!

With social distancing measures in place, WestSide Baby has less staff coming in and out of the building these days, but we are still as busy as ever. So far in 2020, we have distributed well over 1.6 million diapers, higher than any full year of distribution in our almost 20 years of work.

Note: WestSide Baby is currently accepting donations of boxes or packages of all sizes of diapers and pull-ups, as well as wipes and hygiene items. You can donate these items at the White Center Hub on Wednesdays from 10am-2pm each week.

Thank you, Angelina!