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A Historic Win for Families Experiencing Diaper Need!

A Historic Win for Families Experiencing Diaper Need!

WestSide Baby is thrilled to announce SB 5838, the End Diaper Need Act has been passed and funded in the Washington state budget as legislative session wraps up today! 

The End Diaper Need Act is one-of-a-kind, and makes Washington only the second state in the nation to acknowledge and address the financial burden of diaper need faced by low-income families. Beginning in Fall 2023, all Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) households with children under the age of three will receive a $100 per month cash grant increase to help pay for diapers. 

Toni Sarge, Director of Public Affairs for WestSide Baby, spoke to the legislature about why this bill is necessary in this moment. “Diaper need is an overlooked challenge that caregivers are confronted with in every corner of our community. Because, unlike other essentials such as food or health insurance, no public assistance programs help families pay for diapers. Female caregivers, families of color, and low-income families are disproportionately facing the barrier of equitable access to diapers for their young children.” 

Read coverage of the bill in a recent Crosscut story

Our legislative champions, Representative Noel Frame, Representative Jesse Johnson, Senator Ann Rivers, and Senator T’wina Nobles brought the important issue to Olympia, and worked tirelessly during this short session to pass this legislation.  

An extra important shoutout goes to Senator T’wina Nobles of the 29th Legislative district who led this bill to a near-unanimous, bipartisan vote off the Senate floor and moved it with support to the House. Upon the bill passing, Senator Nobles said that this bill “addressing diaper need isn’t just pragmatic, it is vital so we can facilitate statewide accessibility for a basic need.” 

See Senator Nobles’ Senate Floor speech here

This legislation was created in collaboration with stakeholders across the state. We want to thank the entire Washington State Diaper Bank Coalition, PEPS (Program for Early Parent Support), Washington Budget and Policy Center, Anti-Hunger and Nutrition Coalition, Statewide Poverty Action Network, the Economic Opportunity Institute, MomsRising, the Washington Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the National Diaper Bank Network, Partners for our Children, the Children’s Alliance, and WestSide Baby’s network of over 100 partner agencies serving families with young children throughout King County for their support in passing this successful legislation. 

Sarah Cody Roth, WestSide Baby’s Executive Director extends gratitude to the community: 

“Thank you, to our entire WestSide Baby community of individuals and organizations who come together for the purpose of closing the basic needs gap that families are experiencing, and thank you to Senator Nobles for her incredible leadership and tireless work in passing the End Diaper Need Act in Washington State.” 

The bill has been delivered to the Governor’s Desk and awaits his signature. Cheers to a historic moment for Washington State families! 

Send a Thank You email to our Champions! 

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I am writing to say thank you for your work on SB 5838, the End Diaper Need Act! This increased financial support of $100 per month for families is a meaningful investment for our community members who are facing diaper need. Every family deserves to have access to the basic necessities we all need to thrive, and I am proud of this historic legislation! 



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