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Provider Partner Signup

Provider Partner Signup

Thanks for your interest in becoming a WestSide Baby provider partner. To apply, please review and accept the terms of service below, fill in all requested information, and select your agency from the list (in the case of larger agencies, select the specific site where you are employed). If your agency is not listed, please contact WestSide Baby at [email protected] to determine if your agency is approved before submitting your application.

Terms of Service

  • I understand that the items received from WestSide Baby are ONLY to be distributed to my clients at the Agency of which I am employed.
  • I confirm that I am employed at the Agency entered on my application form.
  • I understand that I am to order only for children on my own caseload and I am not authorized to order on anyone else’s behalf without prior written approval from WestSide Baby.
  • I agree to inform WestSide Baby if/when I leave employment at my current agency or if my job assignment places me in a different physical location with this same Agency. Ordering privileges may be Agency or location-specific.
  • I understand that WestSide Baby will use email as the primary source of communication with Provider Partners and I am responsible for all information included in email communications.
  • I acknowledge that WestSide Baby fills orders in order received based on inventory on-hand and does not hold waitlists for items unavailable at that time.
  • I understand that WestSide Baby does not provide direct service to individuals and it is my responsibility as a Provider Partner to pick-up all items within one week of completion and distribute them to my clients.
  • I agree to respond to WestSide Baby’s annual requests for site-visits, client stories and demographic reporting and will provide accurate information as available.
  • My individual partnership with WestSide Baby is at-will. WestSide Baby reserves the right to rescind the partnership at any time if any of the Terms of Use above are violated.

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