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Thank You To Everyone Who Attended Our Cocktail Benefit: Fall Masquerade

A huge thank you to everyone who made it to our 2015 WestSide Baby Cocktail Benefit: Fall Masquerade.
We are proud to announce that this was our most successful event to date and, due to the support of our incredible friends and donors we:

•    Raised an event record of $110,000!
•    Were able to take advantage of a $10,000 match during Raise the Paddle.
•    Welcomed 5 new members to our Giving Circle.
•    Crowned The Bridge as our 2015 Cocktail Champion.
•    Will be able to keep 28,000+ children in our community safe, warm and dry this year.

Also at the event, we were excited to share the announcement of our $1 million Campaign for Safety and Warmth! This major gifts campaign is our acknowledgement that there is much to be done as we address the needs in our community and a testament of our dedication to so more efficiently and effectively with the support of donors.

Missed the event? Watch our latest video explaining how the smallest gift to WestSide Baby can make a huge difference to a family in need:

Below is a sneak peak of some of the fabulous photos from our amazing event (credit to our wonderful photographer Nathania Tenwolde!). Be sure to keep checking our Facebook Page and this page as there will be many more to come this week. Feel free to share your own pictures with us on social media – follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Linked In.