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Community in Bloom

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It was always about more than brunch.

We decided to change our event to be totally online on Sunday, March 22. This decision was made with a heavy heart, and we know our supporters were always in it for more than just brunch.

Community in Bloom is about seeing the children in our community grow and thrive and we are so excited to do this with you, virtually! Please join us here on Sunday at 1:00 pm for an exciting video, and scroll below for ways to support WestSide Baby beginning today!

Thank you for joining in community this week and helping us reach our goal!

Watch the Thank You video above or read the full letter from Sarah Cody Roth here.

VIDEO: Community in Bloom: WestSide Baby & Global Perinatal Services

A gift of $1,000 provides an infant car seat, diapers & wipes for 5 newborn babies.

AND thanks to a group of generous donors, all $1,000 gifts will be DOUBLED, allowing 10 new mothers the peace that their babies will be safe, warm and dry!

How to support children in our community:

Give a one-time or monthly gift
Your generous support helps serve over 20,000 children in King County

Join our Giving Circle
Make a 3-year pledge to ensure children have the basics they need now & in the future!

Create a Social Fundraising Page
Setting up a fundraising page is a great way to engage your community!

Follow us online for updates
Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay updated on all things Community in Bloom

“Because of the support GPS & WSB were able to give me, it inspired me to become a doula myself. It is important to give back to one another, whether as mothers or as just a community member and to help each other.”

Rahmo, Client, Mother & Community Doula.

Welcome to our Virtual Community in Bloom, from Executive Director, Sarah Cody Roth

Video length is just under 8 minutes. Grab a mimosa or your cup of coffee and learn more about Sarah on our blog at

“Basic needs are a matter of basic human dignity, and meeting basic needs is a requirement for a healthy community. Ensuring a child’s basic material needs are met is a tangible way we can take action today. We can do this, even and especially in light of our current crisis. We must do this. We can only do this together, it simply requires the courage to see those among us struggling, to feel the pain of our shared humanity suffering, and to act.”

Thank you to our sponsors!

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Sarah Cecil Edward Jones

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Become a Sponsor for Community in Bloom!

A partnership with WestSide Baby as a corporate sponsor can ensure that children in your neighborhood have the most basic items they need to be happy and healthy.