WestSide Baby Board of Directors

The WestSide Baby Board of Directors is a dedicated group of leaders who volunteer their time to ensure all children in our community are safe, warm and dry.

Interested in joining? Please email Nancy Woodland.

Nishat Akhter

Data Management Manager at Amazon Web Services

WestSide Baby Social Justice and Equity Committee Member

A data geek at heart, Nishat currently manages an Enterprise Data Management team with a special focus on data quality. Additionally, she runs various initiatives to promote diversity, equity and inclusion within, and outside of her work-space. She has been working with WestSide Baby for the last year and loves to be part of a mission helping children.

Nishat lives in Bothell with her spouse and two kids and her favorite book as a child was ” A Tale of Two Cities.”

Janet Ali

Human Resources Supervisor at Nucor Steel Seattle, Inc.

WestSide Baby Social Justice and Equity Committee Member

After an early career in hospitality management, Janet discovered her passion for identifying talent and building teams that are greater than the sum of their constituents. After being on the WestSide Baby Board for a year now, Janet most appreciates the enthusiasm of the community.

She lives in West Seattle with her husband, daughter and two dogs. As a child, Janet’s favorite book was the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Rhea Bhere

Becky Bicknell – Board Treasurer

Real Estate Development Program Manager at Bellwether Housing

WestSide Baby Board Treasurer and Finance Committee Lead

Becky has been engaged in urban planning, policy issues around development and affordable housing development in both Denver and Seattle for over 20 years. She has been involved with WestSide Baby for over 4 years and loves how the work is simple and impactful to families. She also loves the energy and commitment the staff and Board bring to the work! She is enjoying raising her two kids in West Seattle.

When Becky was a child, you could find her out and about on her roller skates!

Shannon Braddock

Melissa Garcia

Senior IT Assistant at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

WestSide Baby Development Committee Member

After many years in the healthcare industry, Melissa found herself working in software and technology and has never looked back. She loves her current role as well as supporting the mission of Foundation, “all lives have equal value.”

Melissa is a Washington native married to husband Kemp with two little girls Olivia and Meleah. As a child, Melissa’s favorite toy was her stuffed dog, “Fred.”

Amy Nelson

Liz Overland

Mother and Community Educator

WestSide Baby Crib Community Liaison

After teaching for over 8 years, and working as an educational consultant, Liz decided to stop her professional work to create more space for her life as a parent. A long time supporter of WestSide Baby and St. Josephs’ Baby corner, Liz has been involved for over 10 years. She absolutely loves how WestSide Baby authentically helps families in need.

Liz and her family recently adopted a new puppy! As a child, she loved to play with Strawberry Shortcake Dolls.

Jodi Ryznar – Past Board Chair

Human Resources Manager at King County Public Health

WestSide Baby Past Board Chair and member of the Executive Committee and Board Engagement Committee

Jodi has been working in non-profit and public sector Human Resources for over 15 years. She has been involved with WestSide Baby for over 7 years and loves all the hearts of gold who work hard at WestSide Baby from the Board to staff to volunteers to provider partners. She loves volunteering with her son who just turned 8 and is now old enough to volunteer at WestSide Baby!

As a child, you could find her remodeling and redecorating her favorite dollhouse.

Amy Secor

Senior Wealth Management Advisor at TIAA

WestSide Baby Finance Committee Member

Amy has worked for over 25 years to help individuals and families plan for and achieve their financial goals. She has been involved with WestSide Baby for 2+ years and loves the positive impact WestSide Baby has on children’s futures. She loves staying involved with her community with her husband, son, and puppy.

She loves reading her childhood favorite,  Shel Silverstein’s “Where the Sidewalk Ends” to her son now.

Abby Slonecker

Senior Attorney at Tableau Software

Abby has practiced law for ten years. Last year, she joined the legal business team at Tableau, where she advises on a wide range of issues, from anti-corruption, to disputes, to trade controls. Abby has been involved with WestSide Baby for over 3 years and is a proud CommuniTea Table Captain, Diaper Driver, and Giving Circle member. You can find Abby enjoying time with her family and 2 little ones in Queen Anne.

As a child, her favorite toys were her Cabbage Patch Kids.

Katie Ryan Strimban

Josh Sutton

Lauren Tomala

Program Manager at Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI)

WestSide Baby Development Committee Member

In Lauren’s current role at REI, she works closely with merchants to progress their strategic initiatives and has spent the majoority of her career working between the creative and business ends of companies. She been involved with WestSide Baby for over 4 years. When asked what her favorite thing about being a WestSide Baby Board member is, she says “there are too many to choose from! But, if I have to pick, I love the community connection WestSide Baby has.”

As a child, she was obsessed with the Nancy Drew book series.

Beth Wright – Board Chair

Human Resources Support at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

WestSide Baby Board Chair, Board Engagement Committee, and Executive Committee

Beth specializes in compensation and benefits program design and administration with experience serving clients in large consulting forms and serving managers and employees in companies and non–for-profit organizations. She has been involved with WestSide Baby for over 15 years, including 5 years on the Board. Beth says her favorite part about being involved with WestSide baby is that she is “inspired by neighbors directly affecting the lives of neighbors in need. “

Her favorite toy as a child was her stuffed dog, “Doggie”.

To contact any of our Board members, please reach out to WestSide Baby’s Development Manager, Carina Schubert.