Host a Donation (DIAPER!) Drive

We encourage you to consider – if babies could talk, they might say one of two things: ‘I’m hungry!’ or ‘Change me!’ Sometimes, it’s simple to understand what an infant needs and how you can help. Become an advocate for babies by collecting diapers from your friends, school, and community and join us in giving babies a voice! Making a difference can be as simple as gifting diapers.

THIS SUMMER, help WestSide Baby collect over 300,000 diapers for the babies and children of King County. With 1 in 3 families struggling to afford diaper in the U.S. YOU can make a difference by hosting a diaper drive in your community today. It is so easy. Sign up today!


Thank you for your interest in hosting a donation drive for WestSide Baby! We need your help to collect diapers, clothing, equipment and hygiene items so we can serve more than 40,000 children in need!

Give back to your community than by collecting items to help local kids in need! Some creative drive ideas include:

Let us know what you have in mind for your drive and we’ll send you a kit with all the tools and materials you’ll need. To sign up to host a donation drive, email  or call us at (206) 686-6548. Want to get started right away? Download our How To Host A Donation Drive Handbook.

Your donation drive will ensure that we can fill more orders and help more families work toward creating safe and nurturing environments for their kids. To help us better serve families in need, please refer to our list of most needed items as you determine what to collect.



Donation Drive Handbook

Donation Drive Flier

Diaper Drive Handbook

Diaper Drive Flier

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We appreciate your assistance in ensuring donated items meet these standards: